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"300 things-making small and medium-sized"
enterprise companies of the whole country

 We are selected one of 300 small and medium-sized enterprise companies of Japan(whole country)

0.005milli ..hole diameter.. is achieved. Production of micro ceramic nozzle

The micro ceramics nozzle are manufactured from the injection molding dies.
In the micro ceramics nozzle(inkjet nozzle,dispenser nozzle,adsorption nozzle,and of the electronic part mounting machine), In several kinds of nozzle shares 60% or more in industry fields.

It is a metallic molding for micro products.
 A ceramic material with the performances of heatproof more than a current metal and of plastic,also the abrasion proof,the magnetism-proof,and the medicine-proof,etc. Low-cost has been achieved by super-minute metal mold technology and CIM(ceramics injection molding) Both of metal mouding dies and CIM are valuable for processing micro ceramics goods.

Establishment of three advanced technologies
  (metal mold technology, molding

technique, and material technology)

 The design and production of the metal moulding dies are our main and core technologies.
 This core technologies plus moulding technique and material technologies. Using them,we produce micro fine ceramics and honeycomb catalyst.
 Line up of "Micro ceramic products"are below,dispenser nozzle with hole diameter φ5μm,
 inkjet nozzle with φ30μm hole diameter,adsorption nozzle or mounter nozzle with complicated geometry.
Honeycomb catalyst for enviromental maintenance,for example,NOx inside an atmospheris is purified by Honeycomb.
Special press goods of the high-aspect ratio.Press products with high-value-added.

"LONPEA"is our brand.
・Micro ceramics pump
・Piezo-electric ceramic device with wick
・NMR super-high-velocity revolution probe
・Porous metal etc.