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Ceramics injection molding high accuracy technology

The 8th Awara science prize service prize(February 13, 2001)
 Shrinkage,rate differene when sintering makes CIM hard work.
 Shape becomes more complex,securing the size accuracy becomes more difficult.
So we used Size accuracy improvement technology (0.3-0.5%→0.2%)

Content of development research
material>Improvement of measurement and mixing accuracy.
Reduction of difference of particle diameter.
metal mold>make material packing with uniform density.
Sinter>uniform heating, control of sled, and securing of posture
cost>unnecessary minimization

Research commodity
Mounter nozzle(for transportation part adsorption in electronic part mounting machine)
Hair clippers type cutlery(for yarn break in new knitting machine)

Product of one's study
mounter nozzleThese nozzles contribute to improve of mass production and to reduce costs.

The hair clippers type cutlery…This cutlery's life-span is ten times as long as metalic cutter.

・complicated geometry that contains patterns of plated through hole or 0.05-0.3mm in line width.
・To unifomize the material packing density of a ceramic material.

・Triangle blade (Width … 0.9mm and 2.5mm in height)because of the short cut phenomenon in an acute angle part is overcome.
・Finish is assumed to be only a surface grinding.secures sharpness only by (sitering only)That means cost reduction.

Development of honeycomb catalyst processing technology

The 11th Awara science prize service prize(January 28, 2004)

Content of development research
1.Development of honeycomb molding die
2.Material development of honeycomb bodies.
3.Honeycomb molding, dryness, and baking technology development
4.Development of catalyst
5.Development of coating technology coat catalyst to honeycomb bodies.
6.Establishment of evaluation technology

'Awara science prize'  Excerpt from (foundation)[kagawa] industry support foundation HP
  The (foundation)[kagawa] industry support foundation executes the contribution from Mr.Ashihara(honorary chairman of Kansai Electric Power Company, Kagawa Prefecture honored inhabitants of the prefecture, and Takamatsu City coming from) and to contribute to the upgrade of the industrial technology of the Kagawa prefecture and the promotion of industry as a fund, "Awara research support business" has been executed since 1993 fiscal year.
  In the Awara research support business, there are 2business Awara science prize of the commending business and the Awara research and development promotion businesses.