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Appropriate use of personal informations
We will use the acquired personal informations for such purposes as below.

1. To reply the inquirty for our products and our technology from you .

2. To invint you to our exhibiton.

3. To confirm the purchase orders and the order acknowledgment and to contact any other dealings.

4. Shipping of the products and tracking them after shipment.

5. Asking for your cooperation to answer the customer satisifaction survey.

6. Management of applicant informations in employment.

7. Personal work:Labor work,industrial safety and health ,corresspondence to an occasion
for celebration or sorrow and emergency phase.

8. To be well-equipped with welfare facilities.and to entry various types of insurance in the company

9. To make the most of any adminstrative measures.

10. To work as volunteers

11. To make use of the personal informations for public relation, 
EX)Brochures,website,corporate profile with portraits or anothers personal information.