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Process regarding to the requires to disclose the personal informations.

Regarding to the personal information ,person can do require as below.
"such requires as to notice the purpose of obtained personal informations by the to disclose it, to correct it ,to revision it ,or to remove it,to stop using it ,to erase it ,and to stop using it,to erase it ,and to stop providing it to the third party"

We deal the requires to disclose the personal informations by the following step

Before sending the prescribed form to us,please confirm the"About the disposal of personal informations" when you getting agree with it ,please send it with your signature.

NO1.For acceptance of the request for disclosure
 (1) After completing the prescribed form, please post it to the address below or bring it there


Sales Department or General Affairs Department
※Please enclose enough stamp to reply
※We never accept any require by word of mouth.

(2)For confirming the person his/herself ,please send some documents as below or bring them including the prescribed form(1)
The copy of driver's license or passport which can identificate yourself.Because they have photoes.
(It can describe your name and address that make a request for disclosure)

The copy of resident card (It is draw up the demand disclosure inside of 30 days)

In case of the agent do this procedure, add to (1)(2).Another documents as below should be posted or be brougt to the address above.

Such documents as Driver's license or passport(We mean the document with your agent's photo and he/her address)
If your agent is a lawyer ,we need his/her registration numbers.

The letter of attorney showing agent.
No.2 About the study of correspondence

After receiving "the prescribed form" and confiming the person him/her or him/her agent by the form.We will examine it.

But there are some cases that we can not accept the require the discloure the personal informations

・If disclose it , this disclosure may cause harm,may hurt the life, on property of the person on the third party
・If disclose it , this disclosure encourage on lead up to the illegal act on improper conduct.
・If disclose it , this disclosure may hurt the national scurely ,the nation's safety,trust relationship between our country and other countries on international organization.

・If disclose it ,this disclosure may have some dement that prevent crime prevetion,crime suppression,or crime investigation.This disclosure may interfere with pubblic safety and maintaining order.

・If disclose it , this disclosure may disturb our proper business
・If disclose it ,this disclosure must be a violation of law or against the legal compliance.

If disclose it ,noticing the using purpose of personal informations to the person or publishing it disturb the performance of the works which are prescribed by national institutions or local government.

And the cooperation are requested to the works.

No.3 About the contact of results
The results should be contacted to you by letters without delay.

The letters should be sent to your address or your agency's address Which in the prescribed form.

・We need not your permanent address or your anent's address.So you can clear or hide it on the documents that certificate yourself or agent's.

・We discard the documents by ourselves within 6 months counted from the day when we received them

・Check the "About the personal informations ”first. And after you agreed with it,send the prescribed form with your name to proper space to us.

Sales Department TEL '+81-877-75-0007 FAX +81-877-73-2152
General Affairs Department TEL '+81-877-73-3555 FAX +81-877-73-3561